How peer to peer works

CurrencyFair is a unique, new way to exchange currency, because it is peer-to-peer, or could perhaps better be called person-to-person. We've created a safe, online marketplace where people can exchange currencies directly with other people.

Why is this such a good thing?
  1. Better exchange rates Because people are dealing directly with each other and can negotiate a mutually beneficial rate.
  2. Lower transfer fees Because the funds do not have to travel internationally; they're already where you need them.
  3. More control back in your hands You can choose the timing, and even the rate, of each exchange!

Benefits for you

  1. Safe and Secure We are fully regulated as an Authorised Payments Institution by the Central Bank of Ireland (equivalent to the FSA in the UK) under the European Payment Services Regulations, and hold all customer funds in segregated client accounts with a major global (not Irish) bank. We also employ top-notch technical security to ensure the safety of your personal data. You can find more information in our Security Statement.
  2. Save Money Low transfer fees and the savings really add up. Foreign exchange rates on CurrencyFair are typically 3% better than bank rates, and 1-2% better than major online brokers. You also save around €20 or the equivalent in transfer fees.
  3. Take Control On our marketplace, you can choose to exchange immediately at an excellent rate, or if you're not in a hurry you can offer up your own rate and wait for someone else to match it. You can even choose to exchange a portion at a time over a period, and transfer it all out at the end. Be warned though – this new feeling of control can be addictive!
  4. Customer Service We recognize that fast, efficient, and friendly customer service makes a great business. We're always ready to help; whether you prefer to email, tweet, speak on the telephone, or even drop by the office! CurrencyFair is about people and we take great pride in making sure that your experience is a positive one.
  5. Fast and simple The markets are open 24 hours a day, and soon you'll even be able to exchange at the weekend.

What our customers say about us...

Once again a great service. Easy, smooth, fast and big savings! I recommend you to everyone!

Lauren Brown - Jul 2012 Facebook user

@CurrencyFair kudos for taking a bite out of some fat, outdated margins - cool concept

Mark @mcnnyc - Feb 2011 via Twitter

Finally a cheaper and fairer way to exchange money with @CurrencyFair Thanks guys!

George @Georgurgens - Mar 2011 via Twitter

@CurrencyFair Amazing that such a simple idea can help expats settle down across the world!

@expatexplorer - Jul 2010 via Twitter

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